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    Shorten the time to recover from emotional setbacks.
    At Selftalk, we democratise access to cognitive behavioural therapy. We strongly believe in the connection between well-being and peak performance, which is why we make the science behind self-talk available beyond sports performance. The Selftalk approach unites psychology, coaching, AI, behavioural and neuroscience experts to drive change on a large scale, strengthening resilience, versatility, and efficiency. The results? – People live a life filled with purpose, clarity, and peace of mind.
    We cherish science, and we approach it wholeheartedly!
    Selftalk is brought to you by client-centric therapists and tech visionaries. We are building a place where science and cognitive behavioural therapy come together to drive lasting behavioural change, elevate performance and, ultimately, reveal a better, stronger you. We put evidence-based neuroscience at the heart of our product to create the most compelling Selftalk experience possible—empowering people to break old habits and retrain their brains for success.
    Don’t let your negative emotions take over you!
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