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    Benefits of using Selftalk:
    31% Increased productivity (Harvard research)
    37% Increased sales (Harvard research)
    19% Faster and more accurate decision-making
    Improved communication: personal & professional
    More positive work environment
    Greater emotional resilience and bounce back from setbacks
    Increased self-awareness
    Better coping skills to deal with stress and difficult situations
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    How do I sign up my team?
    Use our calculator to determine the price for a Selftalk subscription for your team. After payment, we’ll email you the instructions on how to use the Selftalk Business Account dashboard. Please have the list of your team employees’ work email. Our team will assist you with the process.
    What’s next after signing up my team?
    Once you add your team work emails to your dashboard, they can download it, log in and use it. You will receive the download link from our team. (the app is available both: on iOS and Android)
    Why do Selftalk audios work?
    Each Selftalk audio is personalised to your emotions in a specific life area. The content we use combines the self-talk science that top athletes use to perform + rational emotive behavioural therapy techniques that help you modify irrational thinking patterns + cognitive neuroscience that help you change your brain chemistry easier and faster.
    When to listen to the Selftalk audio?
    We suggest you listen to your Selftalk audio anytime you feel an emotional discomfort in your personal and/or professional life.
    I still have questions about Selftalk
    Please contact directly one of our team members: vio@selftalk.space
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    Curious how Selftalk works?
    Please fill out the form, and our team will contact you directly!